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Editor’s Note

If you’re interested in a loose, or maybe even strict, MasterMind of like minded iOS Entrepreneurs check out the last section for more information.


Put Your App in the Spotlight at SXSW with Flurry

How awesome would it be to get press coverage for your app at SXSW in a couple weeks? Massively awesome. Submit your app by February 28 and Flurry will pick 3 winners, give them round trip tickets and throw a party a day for each of the apps.

How to Launch Your App in an International Market

Some tips if you want your app to have a broader audience and appeal.

How (not) to sell your indie game

A retrospective on things to do better.

Top 10 new features from Apple’s next Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Following last weeks announcement, a few people are talking about what good might come of Mountain Lion. Messaging, Notification Center and Airplay Mirroring seem to be the top on most lists.

Xcode and Friends

Here’s a “where’s that” run down of changes in the new Xcode 4.3 app. In case you miseed it, it’s now just an app in the app store, not an installer.

Educational apps for children – an overview of the market

Interesting, especially since this is a market I’m really interested in.

Matt Gemmell looks at the importance of privacy with apps

You would think some of this would be common sense, but as consumers we know it’s not.


I’m looking into OSS tools to make my app experience a little better. This week I’m focusing on feedback and ratings, but I’ll track anything that looks useful here.

Crittercism gives you real-time, actionable crash reports for mobile apps

It looks like they’re targeting Enterprise mainly, but they have a free plan for Indie developers that gives you crash emails and an in app forum. It also mentions that it will “Redirect Positive Reviews to the App Store” but no details. Obviously that’d be ideal, issues => support to see if you can make them happy, truly good/bad reviews => to the App Store.


Looks like UserVoice for your app.

SDK for including the UserVoice

Speaking of UserVoice for the iPhone. There’s even an example app.


This is an older, “rate me” type resource. See it in action on the project page.

Fighting Back Against The App Store’s Negative Rating Bias

How and when to ask for feedback on your app for maximum positive ratings.


Drop in sharing features for all iPhone and iPad apps


Game Center style achievement notification messages for your app, without Game Center. There is a link to Github, but this repository looks fresher.

Mobile Marketing: 50 Ways to Promote Your iPhone App

Older, sure, but there are 50 ways to promote your iPhone app. Even if only a few are new, or serve as a reminder, it’s a good idea to look at this.


RunJumpDev – Ben Kuchera – November 2011

A recording of the RunJumpDev game developers meetup for November 2011. Ben Kuchera, gaming editor of Ars Technica, shares his advice for indie game developers, including marketing best practices, how to deal with press, and how to get your indie game to can stand out.

Take aways:

  1. you have to have an angle, have to have something unique, that the big shops don’t
  2. you have to reach out for press when you have enough for people to see (don’t reach out until you have enough)
  3. try to hold the review until you have a playable product


mobile X conference, Cinicinnati, OH

March 5, 2012. Check out the schedule and speakers

CocoaConf, the conference for iPhone, iPad and Mac developers

March 16 & 17, 2012 in Chicago, IL. Registration closes March 8th. The schedule and speakers

NSConference 2012

March 19-21, 2012. Berkshire, RG7 3AH, United Kingdom. My apologies for likely botching that address. Speakers on the main page.

MobileTech Conference 2012

March 26-28, 2012. Munich, Germany. The sessions and speakers.

If you know of other local/regional conferences or hack-a-day events I’d be happy to help spread the word.


I love MasterMinds. Some people call them accountability groups or partners, others an “Alternative Board”. I call them smart people that can help each other acheive their goals more quickly.
I have those folks in ruby. I have those folks in general business stuff. I’d really love to find a group of iOS folks to be a part of, kick around app marketing ideas, marketing strategies, tell me to wait when my app is waiting for review for 7 business days, etc.

If you’d like to be a part of that, shoot me an email and let’s see what we can come up with.


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