Issue #6

Editor’s Note

A day late and a dollar short. Some day I’ll figure out what that phrase originally meant. But not today. Sorry it’s late, I’ll do better next time.


iBooks 2—much more than meets the eye?

Probably not usual fare for iOSpreneurs, but interesting still.

On buying iPads for your kids

Again, not the usual stuff, but something I’m struggling with. My 8 and 4 year old daughters would love an iPad. So much that my 8yo claims to be saving up for it, and might really try.

The Rule Of 3: Apple Sells 3 Million 3rd Generation iPads In 3 Days

Wow, that’s a lot of New iPads.

Majority of customers install games first on iOS devices

I’m not sure this is news breaking, but at least it’s quantified (and jokingly self deprecating from the source).

How to test your app on older iOS releases

Use the simulator. Save lots of devices. Hack around SHSH, maybe.

Techniques for Shrinking App Size

David shares some tips on getting your apps down to size.

How to really reduce the size of your iOS app.

A follow on to David’s article that talks about reducing the bit depth of your PNGs.

Case study: Tweetbot for iPad

If you don’t think those image optimizations make much of a difference, here’s a case study using Tweetbot.

Congressmen press 34 App Store developers for answers on user privacy

Not sure where this is going to lead, but Congress wants to know what these apps use the data for, and what type of data they want.


XYPieChart for iOS

I’m going to need something like this soon.


A growing set of screencasts for iOS developers.

ADVProgressBar for iOS

Progress bars.

iOS Photoshop Actions & Workflows

I really hope I can keep having someone else do this for me.

Design and Dev Resources for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices

What it says.

Tomorrow Theme

It doesn’t feel like Xcode customization is as popular as say, any other editor ever made, but I dig dark backgrounds for my code.

25 Free iOS Design Resources

Yes, that’s a lot.


What Now? Episode 15 – “Suddenly … optimism.”

Andrey and Gavin are finally back after GDC.


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