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I guess the big news is Apple is starting to reject apps for accessing the UDID in apps.


Apple Begins Rejecting Apps for Using the Unique Device Identifier (UDID)

Yeah. Some people are up in arms, other folks are just warning you. A lot of this is what it is, I don’t think complaining is going to change Apple’s mind.

The App Makers’ Privacy Pledge

An attempt for developers to convince you that we’re not all trying to steal your contacts. Or any of your information without your knowledge.

GDC Talk: How To Explain Your Game To An Asshole

By asshole he means himself, but these are tips on how to explain your game to anyone.

10 million tap tap tap apps sold!

Mostly just speechless. Also, that’s awesome. That’s sold, not downloaded.

Guest post: Pocket Lists iPhone app sales: $13500 in first 3 months

Another behind the scenes look at an app that’s doing well.

iOS design: a case study

Insanely detailed look at the design process for an app.

How I built the Hacker News mobile web app, Part 2

Some of the technical details for building the HN mobile web app.

The Grass Is Plenty Green On Your Side Of The Fence

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steven Furtick (emphasis mine)

How to Promote Mobile Application

Older post, but still useful if you haven’t figured out all this marketing stuff.

What to do when your free app doesn’t take off

Cry wasn’t one of the options. Not specific advice, just a reminder to think about your existing customers before you shutter the app.

The problem with long descriptions in the Apple App Store

Spoiler: most people want screenshots first, and can’t be asked to scroll.

What’s With All The Hate For The Industrious IAP?

Opinion piece on IAP. Don’t be a slimeball and try to trick people into buying stuff from you.


Gamasutra GDC Coverage

If you missed GDC and are looking for some coverage of the event, here that is.

GDC Vault

So, GDC sells some video, gives away the others. Here’s what they had for 2011.

Startups, Fix Your “From” Field

Just a friendly reminder to make it blatantly and immediately obvious who the email is from.

Free Iphone Template

Mentioned in the case study, but a really cool way to have your app shown in a nicely rendered phone in a bunch of angles.


What Now? Episode 16 – “Just a bit more polish.”

Gavin and Andrey are back.


NSBrief’s latest.

116 Degree Burns

If off topic podcasts that rarely focus on tech are for you, here’s another episode. I’m not hating, but I’d say 80% of the episodes I’ve listened to have been about stuff I’d rather not listen to. My opinion, we know what that’s like.

Tii – iTem 0218 – 4G is just a fantasy


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