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Game Engines for Indies

Nice overview of several game engines available.


Misleading App Tops Charts, Highlights Apple’s Inattention To Details

More tales of ripoff games and scam apps soaring up the charts with seemingly little recourse.

Issue #9

Editor’s Note If you don’t do anything else, watch the Startup Marketing video of Rand Fishkin below. The app store game might be significantly different than traditional inbound SEO but you have to be able to drive people to your app with external content. One would think. At least I would think. Something I need [...]

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Startup Marketing: How to Earn Customers Without Paying for Them

An hour long video to help startups, but talks about inbound marketing so should be useful for app developers too. Really, really worth watching. Makes me want to do inbound/SEO stuff now.


PAX East 2012: Indie Round-up Part 2

Some of the indie developers that made it out to Pax East.


Search algorithm changes rolled out today?

Apple might have rolled out new search algorithms for the app store.


Buttons are not the enemy

Unless your app is super simple, you probably need a button or two.


Why $7.99 beats $0.99

More discussions on pricing and how the race to the bottom is bad for everyone.


Setting Your Business Free Through the Practice of Systematic Delegation

Interesting take on how to figure out what to delegate (or outsource, or subcontract)


How to Get An App To 1 Million Downloads With No Experience: An Interview With Meeta Shah

From “apps for kids might be cool” to 1 Million downloads, this part of Meeta’s story.