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Apple drops another preview of Mountain Lion to developers and iOS 6 mentions are starting to show up in the blogosphere. In other news, I’m not sure how much more life is in my 2008 Mac Pro.


The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing

What it says.

Marketing Your Mobile App

Here’s another version, not a lot new in this piece, but it does mention having a list in a round about way.

Shell Apps and Silver Bullets

Not all rainbows and unicorns. Most agree initial benefits from skipping the learning curve to go native are quickly outweighed once you start adding too much to the web app, and end up going back to write everything native.

You’ll never believe how LinkedIn built its new iPad app (exclusive)

Of course, LinkedIn’s app is 95% mobile web.

Dropbox fixes app rejection issue, complies with Apple’s rules

That didn’t take long. Dropbox removed the “Make account” feature to remove out-of-app purchases.

Just found a bug after approval, before sale… what do I do!

Discussion on Mom’s With Apps that’s probably a developers worst nightmare.

iOS App Review Sites – 167 Sites To Promote iPhone And iPad Apps

Updated, added another 50 or so sites.

How To Find Startup Ideas

Tips to help keeping your subconscious chewing away on idea and solutions as you encounter problems.

Will trade Ferrari 360 Modena for a profitable app!

If you have to ask how much gas it takes to drive to the store, you can’t afford it, even if he’s giving it away. No, I haven’t done anything to verify the authenticity of the post, only a few comments when I first caught the link, more humorous entry than anything.

releasing an app

interesting discussion on reddit, talks about release dates and testing.


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