Issue #15

Editor’s Note

Not much to say this week. I’ve been busy preparing for a couple talks at RubyTeach next week in Vancouver. Hope that when I get back I can focus on the apps I have. I have two new ones to push to the app store and a third that has updates to go out. They’re 99% ready (or 100% if I kill something I was trying to add). I’m still interested in masterminding, I’ll bring that up again next week, just want to plant that seed.


Native to web iOS apps, or there and back again

Story about going from native to web and back to native.

I made a game. Feedback and promotion tips welcome.

Interesting promotion discussion on

How to Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers (the secret is this one experiment)

I haven’t figured out how this relates to multi-use engagement with customers of mobile apps, but there has to be something here.

Work harder on yourself than you do on your startup

Advice I wish I had, and followed, 20 years ago.

write better ios release notes

Put your release notes to good use, and make them conversational, it’s worth it to the folks reading it.

New Visual Proportions for the iOS User Interface

Serious pixel overload. Details matter.

My Sales from Two Dollar Tuesday

Not specifically iOS but interesting stats on drastic price cutting and moving through the charts to #3 paid app of the day. No word on follow up numbers yet but will be interesting to see how that works out.

Working with brands, utilizing player emotion, and other lessons in game monetization

Nice recap of the SF Game Monetization meetup group’s “Maximize Your Virtual Goods Revenue” event. Summaries and links to slides from presenters.


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