Issue #17

Editor’s Note

Come hell or high water I’m getting an update and 3 new apps sent into the store for review, would really like them to hit during WWDC. Would really like to be at WWDC but that’s another issue.


Report: Boost Mobile To Offer Prepaid iPhones In September

More potential customers.

Virgin Mobile announces iPhone 4, 4S on sale June 29th

And even more customers.

56 Things from One More Thing

Cool little summary from the One More Thing conference.

Operation: Eradicate Financials Three Months In

Greg opens up about some numbers after 3 months in the App Store with Operation: Eradicate.

Scroller for iOS

An interesting vertical “cover flow”ish scrolling UI

You half assed it. That is why your PhoneGap application sucks.

More on the RubyMotion vs. PhoneGap or Native vs. Not arguments.


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