Issue #19

Editor’s Note

I took a break last week. Actually I was just trying to survive the crescendo of summer swim meets for my daughters and organizing 25 volunteers to make the meets run smoothly.

WWDC 2012 videos were out last week, 4 days or so after the event.

This week, lots of talk about the new App Store Search algorithms that are being rolled out and how they’re effecting apps. Mostly, it looks like searches don’t combine title and keywords for matches, search seems to look in one or the other.


The Productive Apple Developer (Part II)

Follow up article that looks at using Uncrustify for code formatting and NWTestFlightUploader to upload your app from Xcode to TestFlight in a few clicks.


App Store Search Updates (Chomp)

AppStore SEO: Updated for Chomp

An updated quick app SEO overview from the folks behind

More Evidence Shows Apple App Store Search Changes (Including Some Sad Developers)

Anecdotal evidence that App Store Search Changes are now in place.

The Lowdown On Apple’s Chomp Update

A more detailed analysis on the recent changes in App Store search.

Apple Changed Search Algorithm for App Store

Derek talks about the App Store Search changes, gets picked up on the TechCrunch article above and addresses some comments in Part 2


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