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You half assed it. That is why your PhoneGap application sucks

More on the RubyMotion vs. PhoneGap or Native vs. Not arguments.


Scroller for iOS

An interesting vertical “cover flow”ish scrolling UI


Operation: Eradicate Financials Three Months In

Greg opens up about some numbers after 3 months in the App Store with Operation: Eradicate.


56 Things from One More Thing

Cool little summary from the One More Thing conference.


Virgin Mobile announces iPhone 4, 4S on sale June 29th

And even more customers.


Report: Boost Mobile To Offer Prepaid iPhones In September

More potential customers.

Issue #16

Editor’s Note Got to watch a presentation at DevTeach on Cocos2d by Ben Scheirman and it was pretty cool. I had a vague notion that game development was long and involved but the talk was eye-opening, and this was with a framework that hides most of the math from you, still a crazy amount of [...]

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What Does It Mean to Have “Balance” in Your Life?

An interesting look at a balance and the desires to achieve it.


Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals

Interesting look at how to structure and achieve your goals.


Developers, Don’t Do These 3 Things: They make you look like a jerk

Ask for permission people.