Issue #22

Editor’s Note

The big news this week is a Russian hacker showing how to bypass in-app purchases without jail-breaking your phone. Of course you have to use a Russian proxy


Hacker Releases Tools for Bypassing Apple’s In App Purchase Mechanism [Updated]

The initial story and several updates along the way as people dig into this more and more.

Apple Now Including Unique Identifiers for In App Purchase Receipts to Combat Hack

Not sure if this is a more permanent move by Apple or just a way to figure out who is donating receipts to shut them down.

iPad mini

More thoughts on the iPad mini.

Mac App Store now requires a 1024×1024 app icon


Ex-Apple Employee Reveals The Biggest Complaints Developers Have About Working With Apple

An insider’s look at what iOS developers complain about the loudest.


PepperUI for iOS

Not exactly sure what a “non-identical clone” is, but this looks pretty slick.

Flowchart: how to retinafy your website

What it says.


Really cool tool to mock up Mobile UIs.


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