Issue #23

Editor’s Note

A bunch of acquisitions (acqui-hires) happened this week, Pulp And Wallet and Sparrow.


Facebook Acquires Acrylic Software, Developer Of Pulp And Wallet For iOS

What it says.

Sparrow + Google

I was just getting used to Sparrow as a replacement to Postbox, I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Apple gives developers access to its private API to prevent in-app purchase exploit, fix coming in iOS 6

By using a shared secret.

The Reason for the iPad Mini

A lot of folks think this is all a well timed and intentional leak on Apple’s part and that we will see a smaller iPad. Here’s another look at why it’s likely true.

Apple’s CEO Discusses F3Q12 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Read instead of listen.


Download a Free WordPress Theme For Your iPhone App

Complete with email capture for pre-launch marketing. All it costs is a tweet.


Watch some crazy videos from our High Score Contest, sent in by our awesome pre-order-ers :) (AVNT)

Pretty brilliant marketing move.


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