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Apple Now Including Unique Identifiers for In App Purchase Receipts to Combat Hack

Not sure if this is a more permanent move by Apple or just a way to figure out who is donating receipts to shut them down.


Hacker Releases Tools for Bypassing Apple’s In App Purchase Mechanism [Updated]

The initial story and several updates along the way as people dig into this more and more.

Issue #21

Editor’s Note This past week we’ve seen corrupted app store binaries, seen them get fixed and witnessed the second coming in the form of Tweetbot for Mac alpha. Articles A Primer on Hybrid Apps for iOS A decent primer if you, or your clients, are considering non-native apps. How to Run AB Tests in iOS [...]

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8 Ways Mobile Developers Can Make The Most Money On Their Apps

Light, high level overview of strategies to make more money with your app.


Scaling Cheddar

Ouch! 40 Dynos! Sidekiq and e-tags/caching seem to do the trick.


Tweetbot for Mac: Public Alpha Review

Seemed like a crazy couple of hours yesterday when this was first announced.


Apple’s fix for corrupt binaries

Or the fix, but if you did, here they are.


Corrupt App Store binaries crashing on launch

You probably couldn’t have missed this last week.


$143,000 from 3 casual download games made in 6 months

Good post mortem from an indie game developer.


How to Run AB Tests in iOS Apps

Interesting look at AB Testing an iOS spelling app.