Issue #25

Editor’s Note

Pretty light on articles this week, so I wanted to add a list of podcasts that I listen to. Theory is, if you like what you read here, you have similar interests to my own and you’ll probably like these podcasts too.


One Thousand Dollars an Hour

Interesting discussion by Sam Soffes, creator of Cheddar.

Could Passbook-Compatible iOS Apps Soon Appear In App Store?

Some speculation on what might be coming for Passbook and apps in iOS 6.



Cool looking controller, imagine it could be repurposed for flowy news as well.


Developing Perspective

David Smith is still tweaking his publishing schedule but puts out a couple less than 15 minute podcasts every week. Normally small bite sized discussions of topics interesting to independent iOS developers.

Build and Analyze

With Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin. Not strictly iOS related and topics wander but it’s interesting to listen to Marco discuss topics related to Instapaper and the Apple ecosystem.

Core Intuition

A podcast hosted by two indie developers Daniel Jalkut, founder of Red Sweater Software, and Manton Reece, founder of Riverfold Software. It’s an interesting mix as Manton does his development on the side of his full time job.

Developer Live

Formerly known as the MDN Show this magazine style format podcast covers a wide range of topics of interest to people developing applications for Apple computers and mobile devices.

What Now? Podcast

Maybe the lighter side of Indie life, with a fair bit of snark. Hosted by Gavin Bowman and Andrey Butov they recant their lives as indie developers.


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