Issue #30


The Verizon iPhone 5 Is GSM Unlocked

Maybe thanks to the FCC, but it’s unlocked immediately.

The iOS 6 App Store ‘is a disaster’ for developers

Title is a bit over the top, but interesting look at the new interface for the App Store in iOS 6.

Special Report: iOS app piracy soars

It’s a futile war.

Fiksu’s Viki Zabala serves up a one-stop guide to app marketing

If you can get past the page design, you might be able to pick out some good tips on app marketing.

How A New Apple Developer Guideline Could Be Curtains For Apps That Promote Other Apps

Maybe this will cut out some clutter and spam apps.

Apple’s iOS Developer Guidelines Now Targeting Third-Party App Discovery and Promotion Tools

More on promoting third party apps.

Apple Removes Chomp Website and App, Shuts Down Existing App Installs

The assimilation is complete.

500px for iPad: Behind The Scenes

Presentation and partial video recording.

iPhone 5 Design Resource Roundup

If you need to put your app in an iPhone 5 on the web, these could help.


Marketing your App

Interesting little tool that lets gives you some things to consider about how you’re marketing your app.


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