Issue #31

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There are a lot of gaps in the publishing calendar for this newsletter. I’m struggling on what content to include. Anything you’d like to see more or less of?


“Why don’t you sell Triple Town for 99 cents and make tons of money?”

Interesting response.

How Much Does it Cost?

A friend of mine mentioned an opportunity and that the person requesting quotes was laughing when some contractors quoted him in the tens of thousands of dollars range for a cross platform mobile app that consumed a PHP API. As this topic has been covered a bunch of times in a bunch of places I grabbed some links for him to recalibrate reality. I thought they might be useful here too:

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app on iPhone, Android and other platforms?

How much does it cost to build an iPhone app?

They Make Apps


Xcode 4′s Less Obvious Shortcuts

The iOS Developer’s Toolbelt

A really great run through of some tools to add to your toolbelt by Ben Scheirman.

Rebel: a Framework for Improving AppKit

A framework by Github for developing Mac apps.

iOS Mix

Components for iOS

Developer Color Picker

A color picker with output in NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS and HTML styles.


WGW 14: Week 14: Punch Quest, Android, and Free Sales

I’ve mentioned Walled Garden Weekly before, these guys walk through game mechanics, in game currency, IAP and monetization. Definitely worth it if you’re doing a game.

#87: Basic App Marketing.

How to generate buzz for your app launch.


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