Issue #34


Hunted Cow’s Andrew Mulholland on Battle Dungeon’s untimely demise

How piracy killed a game in less than a week.

The 9 Common Mistakes Every Indie Game Studio Should Avoid

Some bitesized advice.

Half of all app store revenue goes to just 25 developers

For the lottery players…

Design Mistakes We Made in Our iPhone App

FreshBooks does a retrospective on their app.

CA to app devs: get privacy policies or risk $2500-per-download fines

Privacy policies have come up before (in Issue 26), it could get expensive if you don’t have one.


Brett’s advice for new developers getting ready to release their first app.

A Marketers Guide to Selling Your Mobile App (Without Apple)

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to cover all your bases.

Surprises When Designing An iPhone App

From lessons learned at Seat Geek.


100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App

Lots to skim through, maybe you’ll find something useful.

Slowy app

Not everyone has fat pipes.

The 10 best resources to find inspiration for your next iPhone app

This is about implementation, not ideas.

iPhone App Review sites to email when you’re about to launch

What it says.


#98: Practical Helpdesk

David Smith is starting a series of tactial tips for indie app developers.


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