Issue #36

Articles Coders in the Hands of an Angry God

A follow up on Ash Furrow’s 7 Deadly Sins article from last week.

Top 10 iOS Conferences in 2013

Opinion piece on upcoming conferences and where you should spend your money. WWDC still tops that list.

Apple Now Locking Screenshots for Submitted Apps, Shutting Down Popular Scam Tactic

Cracking down on the bait and switch.

Dodged a Bullet!

Newstand Apps seem to not be bound by the new locking screenshots policy.

Cheddar is For Sale

If you have $125,000 and you’re interested in acquiring tech, this might be for you. Manton and Daniel mentioned it on their Core Intuition podcast: Episode 72: The Satisfaction Of Completing Things.

17 – The secret to finding out how many Apple employees dig your stuff

Look for 17.x.x.x in your log files.

iOS Development Tips I Would Want If I Was Starting Out Today

What it says.


ImageAlpha + ImageOptim + Tweetbot

A case study on some tools that could slim down your app.


#103: Coding Sins.

A staple of my podcast listening. David also provides his take on Ash’s article.

Debug by Guy English and Rene Ritchie

An interview podcast.


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