Issue #37


App developers, here are 23 pages of suggestions from CA’s new privacy cops

More on your conspicuous privacy policy including a report with a bunch of suggestions.

How to get featured on the App Store

Features aren’t about you, they’re about showcasing Apple.

Screenshot Lightning

A solution by Kent Sutherland for automating screenshot capturing for your iOS apps.

Apple Pulls 500px’s Mobile Apps From The App Store

For being too easy to find nude photos. Why all the RSS Readers, web browsers and anything else that uses and displays external data have to up their content rating.

Tools of the Trade: What Tools I Use for iOS Consulting

If you’re subsidizing your App building with consulting, this might be useful.

About App Icons

Elements of a good icon.

30 Pounds in 30 Days

People don’t understand how much it costs to build software, especially iOS apps.



A paid service that submits your app to review sites.

place it

A set of Apple devices used in “real locations” for you to promote your apps.

20 Awesome App Landing Pages

Some inspiration.

Opinionated settings for app development in Xcode

Through a ruby gem called liftoff that works with new and existing projects.


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