Issue #39

Editor’s Note

If you run across an article that you think I’d like let me know.


Why iPhone App Screenshots Matter and How to Make Good Ones Some high level advice on what makes for more effective screenshots.

RubyMotion: Year One Clay gives a one year retrospective on RubyMotion and the community.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche Second in a series of posts about Trevor’s app store experience. This one about how to pick a good niche for your app.

iOS Sale Numbers By App Store Rank A follow up to Trevor’s article with real world numbers.

My First Year in the App Store Trevor’s series of posts starts here.

Things Spotkin Learned That May Help You In The App Store A bit of introspection into life in the app store.

Listening / Watching

I went looking for a video from a guy that spoke at MicroConf 2013 but haven’t found it yet. Instead I stumbled across the Mobile Portland users group video collection. I’m not sure how many other groups record their presentations but there’s probably more.

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