Issue #52

Editor’s Note

A lot more on App Store pricing.


Redesigning Mailbox for iOS 7

Some notes on how Mailbox was redesigned for iOS 7.

App Failure, What Next? – Part 1

Looks like the start of an interesting retrospective series as an app developer.

Onboarding Techniques and Examples for Your New Users

With some thoughts on mobile and getting users using your app as quickly as possible.

Worth Less than a Cup of Coffee

Florian suggests that apps provide very little value to consumers and as such are very hard to monetize.

Underscore Price Dynamics

Marco Arment’s take on David Smith’s most recent podcast and how paid-up-front apps are not how to have a sustainable business.

One Size Fits Some

Joe provides a counterpoint to Marco’s article that “works for me” doesn’t mean “works for everyone”. He draws on his own experience with an app targeted to the prosumer and pro market.

In-App Purchase – The Future is Here

An article by Kevin Hoctor (MoneyWell) that uses IAP with good success. He points out that figuring out where to put that paywall is a tough decision.


iOS app release checklist

Pages, PDF and now In Markdown, on Github.

Wizard War

An open source multiplayer iOS game.


145: Real World Price Dynamics with Lauren Smith

David Smith interviews his wife Lauren about App Store pricing as a “typical App Store” customer and someone who knows the business behind an indie app company.

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