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Status Magic

A tool to update or remove the status bar from your iOS app screenshots.

Issue #40

Editor’s Note We look a little light on links this week but there’s a lot of reading behind the app pricing stories. Articles A $5 app isn’t expensive: Customers need to help fix the App Store economy The first of several articles looking at app pricing. Apps are too cheap Dave Addey’s take. The Psychology [...]

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Issue #39

Editor’s Note If you run across an article that you think I’d like let me know. Articles Why iPhone App Screenshots Matter and How to Make Good Ones Some high level advice on what makes for more effective screenshots. RubyMotion: Year One Clay gives a one year retrospective on RubyMotion and the community. How to Choose a [...]

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Issue #29

Articles Tracking Down the UDID Breach Source Interesting bit of detective work on the UDID Breach. 360iDev: The case for ‘fair pricing’ on iOS apps A talk from 360iDev and some interesting discussion in the comments. Resources ColorSense for Xcode Pretty cool visual plugin for Xcode. Watch the video. Source Code To The Excellent White [...]

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Issue #26

Editor’s Note iOSDevCampDC 2012 was really good. I really enjoy small conferences. Articles Seven Guidelines For Designing High-Performance Mobile User Experiences The performance dashboard is a pretty cool idea. App Store SEO: The tools we used How Invantory tackled their app store rankings. How to Evaluate a (paid) iPhone App Idea Another take on app [...]

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